Rodrigo Palacios & Agustina Berenstein

Tango Bajo is thrilled to be able to welcome internationally renowned Rodrigo Palacios back to Melbourne, this year accompanied by the highly accomplished Agustina Berenstein. Rodrigo and Agustina will be with us in November 2019.



Workshop 1: Technique & Dynamics.  Working on fundamentals, connection, movement control and direction.

Time and date: 7pm -8:30pm on Wednesday 6 November

Venue: 12 Surrey Road South Yarra

Workshop 2: Turns. Technique and musicality.

Time and date: 1pm-2:30pm on Saturday 9 November

Venue: 12 Surrey Road South Yarra

Workshop 3: Figures for Social Dancing. Lead and execution of pivot and improvisation as key tool.

Time and date: 3 – 4:30pm on Saturday 9 November

Venue: 12 Surrey Road South Yarra

 Workshop 4: Sequences for Vals 1. Qualities of linear and circular movements, rhythmic and flowing sequences with musicality.

Time and date: 1pm - 2:30pm on Sunday 10 November

Venue: HD Entertainment Studio, level 2, 34 King Street Prahran

Workshop 5: Vals 2: Complexity in the combinations of elements and dynamics. Adapting the embrace.  

Time and Date: 3-4:30pm on Sunday 10 November

Venue: HD Entertainment Studio, level 2, 34 King Street Prahran

General Information about Workshops

Workshop are open level with something for all, whether advanced dancer or in the early stages of tango learning. As those who have taken workshops with Rodrigo & Agustina will already know, the maestros are gifted teachers who work with participants at their individual levels.  

Participants are encouraged to arrange to attend the workshops with a partner of their choosing as many people choose not to rotate. We will do our best to ensure even numbers of leaders and followers, but we cannot guarantee this.  We welcome bookings in advance (particularly if you are booking without a partner).

An event pass costs $180 and includes entry to all five Melbourne workshops plus our Marvellous Margarita Milonga des Flores featuring performance from Rodrigo & Agustina which will be held on the evening of Saturday 9 November (which would otherwise cost $40 at the door or $35 if booked and paid for in advance).

The cost of attending any single workshop is $40 or if more than one workshop is attended, the cost reduces to $35 per workshop.  


Topic: Moves for reduced space, connection control and axis, open level.

Time and date: Sunday 3 November, 1pm - 3pm.

Venue: Nilma North Hall, 488 Bloomfield Road Nilma North.

Price: $35 (please note this workshop is not included in our event pass). Price includes afternoon tea after the workshop.

This workshop is a special event being held in conjunction with Tango Gippsland and is not part of our event package of $180 covering all five Melbourne workshops and entry to our Gala MIlonga.

For all queries relating to the Gippsland workshop, please contact Carlos on 0419 098 083.


This year, we are offering a masterclass for professional and advanced dance couples.

Topic: Different Techniques for Different Situations.

Time: 6 – 8pm

Date: Tuesday 5 November (Cup Day)

Venue: 12 Surrey Road South Yarra

Cost: $90 per couple.  The number of participants in this class will be capped so that Rodrigo and Agustina can work personally with each couple. Enrolment in this class must be booked in couples and paid for in advance.  


 We are now taking bookings for private lessons. The cost of a private lessons with either Rodrigo or Agustina is $165 per hour and must be paid in advance before a booking will be treated as confirmed.  Private lessons are being scheduled for all the weekdays of the week commencing Monday 3 November (including Cup Day) and will take place at 12 Surrey Road South Yarra.  We had many disappointed people last year who missed out as available times for private lessons booked out.  We suggest that if you are interested in private lessons, you make contact with us to secure your place as soon as possible.


Our annual Marvellous Margarita Memorial Milonga de las Flores will be held on Saturday 9 November 2019 at an exciting new venue. This night will feature a performance from Rodrigo & Agustina. 

Venue: St Joseph’s Church, 30 Fitzgerald Street South Yarra.

Time: 7:30pm – 11:30pm.

Cost: $35 if paid in advance or $40 at the door.

Dress: Floral with a touch of Spring.

Please contact Bronwyn on 0418 148 510 or Bill on 0416 015 327 or email us at for bookings and any queries you may have. s


Rodrigo and Agustina are one of the youngest tango couples to be invited to the most important Tango Festivals. They have both danced Tango since they were children. Luckily, they got the Tango will from the oldest milongueros. In a fresh dance full of musicality, creative movements and exceptional connection, you will never stop watching purest tango from the past combined with the evolution of the technique and the expression of the lovely intimacy. Their shows and classes have the perfect percentage of organic innovation, aesthetic and a very rooted compromise with the Tango tradition, that gives them a personal style, so easy to recognise from the amateur eye as for the most experienced one. In addition to exhibiting regularly in their home country Argentina, they have performed at the most important events in Asia, Oceania and Europe, beside Argentina. Rodrigo & Agustina are internationally known for their quality of movement, their musical interpretation and their generous personalities.