Joaquin Amenabar - ‘Master of Musicality’

Musicality Workshops for Tango Dancers led by Joaquin will be held on the weekend of 28 and 29 September 2019 and Joaquin will be the guest of honour at our milonga on Saturday 28th September.


Saturday, 28 September

Workshop 1: 12:30pm – 2pm. Basic units of tango rhythm. Simple, double and half-time step . Applying these units in the dance. Open level.

Workshop 2: 2:15pm – 3:45pm. Dancing the melody. The melody as the most important rhythmic element in dancing social Tango. Recognizing the melody and the rhythmical units that it proposes. Open level.

Workshop 3: 4pm – 5:30pm.  Vals. Rhythmical units of the Argentinian Waltz in comparison to tango’s rhythmical units. Simple and double time in Watlz. Open level.

Sunday 29 September

Workshop 4: 1pm – 2:30pm. Milonga Level 1: Rhythmic units of die Milonga in comparison to those of tango. Difference between double-time and traspie. Dancing the melody in the Milonga. Open level.

Workshop 5:  3pm - 4:30pm. Syncopation. Improvising to the melody and rhythm with tangos that have syncopation, and off beat. Advanced level.

General Information

Workshop 1- 4 are open level with something for everyone and no partner is needed.  As Joaquin puts it, ‘the level of dancer – and experience as a tango dancer – doesn’t have much importance in these workshops, you can be a super advanced dancer or a beginner, because we are dealing with the music, not with steps.’

Workshop 5 however is aimed specifically at advanced dancers and Joaquin recommends that dancers attend this workshop with a partner.

The cost of attending workshops is $35 per person for one workshop or for more than one workshop, the price will be $30 per person per workshop.  We welcome bookings in advance. Please email us for details as to how to make payment and secure your place in the workshops.

Joaquin will also be the guest of honour at our milonga on Saturday 28th September and will play a tanda for us during the evening. Milonga entry fee will be $25.

All workshops and the milonga will be held at South Yarra Baptist Church (our usual venue) 12 Surrey Road South Yarra.

Please feel free to contact Bronwyn with any queries by phone or text on 0418 148 510 or email us at

 About Joaquin

Joaquin Amenabar is widely recognised as the ‘Renaissance Man of Tango’. He is internationally renowned as a bandoneon player, orchestra leader (Orquestra Tipica Della Guardia) composer, arranger, music professor and accomplished social dancer.

It was Joaquin’s social dancing blended with his deep knowledge of musical performance, history and composition, that led him to investigate a number of challenges that many tango dancers face daily:

• How to learn the music if we do not have the benefit of formal music training then ...
• How can we as tango dancers take in, process and respond to the many layers, subtleties and nuances of tango music ...
• In ways that help us create, discover + explore our own unique dance more effectively ...
• And then share it with each other as we improvise together on the social dance floor ...?

The result is Joaquín's book ‘Tango: Let’s dance to the Music’ and his unique and highly innovative program on Musicality for Tango Dancers which he has developed over more than a decade. Joaquin has been teaching and travelling since the early 2000s in Europe, Asia, USA and Australia and New Zealand.

In addition to music and tango, Joaquin is fluent in English, Spanish, French, Italian, German & Portuguese, which allows him to communicate more directly with more dancers around the world.

Anybody can teach you a step, but it takes a different kind of teacher to help you find your musicality.”

Rodrigo Palacios & Agustina Berenstein

Tango Bajo is thrilled to be able to welcome internationally renowned dancer, performer and teacher Rodrigo Palacios back to Melbourne, this year accompanied by the highly accomplished Agustina Berenstein. Rodrigo and Agustina will be with us in November 2019.

Workshop and Performance details coming soon!